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How to become a football officials with the RVFOA

Transfer officials or new officials with no experience.

Training meeting schedule

2020 Season meeting dates to be determined

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2020 Season meeting dates to be determined.

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About Us


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Welcome to the RVFOA, serving the Fredericksburg, Stafford and surrounding areas.  We are an Association of officials that have been officiating football games at all levels in Central Virginia for 50 years.  We pride ourselves in knowing the rules, using solid mechanics to be in the right position, fairness and professionalism at all levels.  We have officials working games from Park & Recreation to NCAA.  We welcome experienced transfer officials or prospective officials who want to get started that have no experience at all.  



We hope everyone is staying safe.

Plans for opening schools and playing high school football in the fall of 2020 are yet to be determined.  State social distancing rules are in effect though June 10 as well.  Therefore, our plans for training and meetings for 2020 are not confirmed.  As soon as we are able to confirm, we will put out information on our website.  If you have any questions feel free to contact us.



RVFOA 2020 Open House for new and transfer officials will be held on Monday, June 1.  Come and learn more about football officiating and the RVFOA.  We will answer your questions and discuss expectations.

Due to current circumstances, we are unsure of our Open House and training dates for the 2020 season.   We plan to move forward with some type of Open House and training in early June.  We will be communicating that plan to new officials and membership no later than May 25th, 2020.


New / Transfer Officials


For all officials, experienced and new, we provide an excellent classroom and on the field training program.  We will train you to become a solid official.  We train officials on rules, field mechanics and positioning, commmunication skills, people skills and the ability to manage conflict.  One can go as far as their abilities and dedication will take them.

First and second year officials will work Park & Recreation, Middle School, freshman and some junior varsity games.  Transfer officials should provide written confirmation of prior State and Association membership and participation.  Games will be assigned according to officiating growth, abilities and experience. 



Games at various levels are played during the week, Monday through Friday evenings and Saturday mornings and some afternoons.  Games are assigned in advance based on each official's abilities and availability.

The RVFOA officiates games as far north as southern Prince William county, west to Culpeper, south to Caroline and east to Warsaw.  All games are within a 90 minute drive or less from Fredericksburg.


How to become an official

 To become an official in Virginia, one needs to:

*Contact RVFOA Commissioner. 

Pay online State dues.

Pay RVFOA dues to RVFOA treasurer
*Attend RVFOA training sessions and general membership meetings
*Study rule and case books & pass online exam with grade of at least 80%
*Attend State Rules & Mechanics clinic
*Attend RVFOA mechanics clinics
*Participate in pre-season scrimmages and on field training
*Be in good physical condition
*Sign a general liability release in regards to ones health as well as verify one has not been convicted of any criminal offense involving children or a crime of moral turpitude

If you would like to become a member of the RVFOA or like more information contact:  Eric Barnes; 

Training & In-Season Meetings


Meeting Schedule & Discussion

Schedules  for training and regular season meetings are listed below.  Plan to attend as many meetings as you can.

Meeting Location

Meetings are held at the Spotsylvania County Marshall Center, either in the Main lounge or in the Auditorium.

Meeting Location Address

Spotsylvania County Marshall Center

8802 Courthouse Road

Spotsylvania, VA 22553

Enter through the north side building double doors on the left in the U shaped parking area.

2020 RVFOA Open House


Monday June 1 6:30pm

RVFOA Open House for new and transfer officials.  Learn more about officiating and the RVFOA / Q & A / RVFOA Expectations 

2020 Training Meeting Schedule


Training meetings are scheduled to begin on June 8

Training meeting dates to be determined for 2020.

2019 Season Meeting Schedule
















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Treasurer - Keith Madison  -

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Board Member - Mose Mallard

Board Member - Delbert Walker

Rappahannock Valley Football Officials Association

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